The Rule of Thirds 

Use a Tripod

Hand-held camera shots are certainly more convenient than taking along a tripod but consider using one when taking nature pictures for sharper photographs.  To make using a tripod a little easier, here are a few shopping hints when considering this accessory.  Look for a tripod with legs that can be adjusted independently of one another to achieve a level camera angle in all locations.  A tripod without a central pole allows you to have a steady camera even at those very low photography situations.  Additionally, you will need a head for the tripod which allows you to move the camera at all different angles.  Look for a "ball" head attachment for your tripod which can provide more fluid and smaller movements when composing your photograph.  Finally, most tripods have a quick release plate for your camera and these are invaluable.  This allows you to place your camera on the tripod with one click of a lever or button and release it the same way when it's time to move to a different site.